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Chateau Fakra Region

Kfardebian, land of springs, is a village located in the very heart of Mount Lebanon, varying in altitude from 1000 to 2826 m. Green mountainsides, enormous rocky blocks, woodlands of oak, walnut, and pine, orchards of apple and mulberry trees, vineyards and streams with fresh and limpid water…
altogether constitute the most picturesque area and one of the main agricultural villages in Lebanon.

the Milk source (Nabeh el-Laban) receives the blessing of the natural bridge – a wonder of the world located between the international ski resorts of Fakra and Ouyoune el-Simane – to join the Honey source (Nabeh el-Assal) and sing in duet an eternal and millenary love song.

Then, following a winding road, we reach the millenary “Temples of Fakra” where since thousands of years, from the Phoenician times, to the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and up till modern times , the gods of love and wine were venerated.

Fakra Trading & Industries
Rise to Prominence

FAKRA T & I was founded in 1985 by Dr.Carlos Guillermo Adem. However, its roots go back to a three century old family-owned distillery located in the heart of Mount Lebanon.

Traditional know-how, modern equipment and continuous research make “ARAK FAKRA” and “CHATEAU FAKRA” unique products on the local and international markets.

FAKRA T & I, while maintaining its prestigious standing, has lately expanded its exports worldwide.